...y los dos pistoles is a 4-piece noisy indie rock/garage pop band from Tampa, FL that is dangerously close to achieving adequatulance. Shae sings and plays guitar (and sometimes harmonica), Rodney plays more guitar, Derek beats on the drums and Russ plays bass (and messes around with pedals). When not doing these things, we like to sit on our front porch and watch funny cat videos on youtube (not necessarily simultaneously). If you want to book us, contact us at ylosdospistoles@yahoo.com.


Played 10 times

A handful of people have told us that their favorite song of ours is the one we usually end our live shows with - Take Me Dancin’.  This song is three simple chords because I wrote it on the banjo, and these were the only three chords I knew at the time.  Here is the demo, written way back in July of 2007, before I moved to Florida.  It was recorded in my parents’ kitchen when I was home alone, and I had considered it a throw-away song until a year later when Derek unearthed it and said, “Well, what if we build it up at the end…?”