...y los dos pistoles is a 4-piece noisy indie rock/garage pop band from Tampa, FL that is dangerously close to achieving adequatulance. Shae sings and plays guitar (and sometimes harmonica), Rodney plays more guitar, Derek beats on the drums and Russ plays bass (and messes around with pedals). When not doing these things, we like to sit on our front porch and watch funny cat videos on youtube (not necessarily simultaneously). If you want to book us, contact us at ylosdospistoles@yahoo.com.


Creative Loafing reviewed our Antiwarpt set - thanks, Julie!

7:30 p.m., Y Los Dos Pistoles at VLVT - It was a little surreal seeing one of my favorite trios play an almost completely bare, white salon space, but weird mash-ups of stimuli are often what make fests worth attending. Shae Krispinsky on vocals, guitar and harmonica, drummer Derek Forrester, and bassist Russ Jovin filled the room with their potent blend of rock, punk, folk and garage rock, with the added strums of guest cellist John David Eriksen. “He only plays with us part-time, typically for special shows, because he’s from Gainesville,” Krispinsky shared. “We’ve tried getting him to move down to Tampa to be with us, but he’s not budging.” I love Shae because she is one funny chick for being so dern hot. At one point of the show she paraphrased Ralph from The Simpsons, expressing hopes that the sound levels of the band didn’t make our “ears blue.” They played one of my favorite tunes, which offers a sultry waltz beat and Krispinsky on harmonica. Jovin’s nimble plucks on a Steve Harris Signature Series Fender bass never ceased to impress. —JG”

Story Time Solo Set

Shae is playing a short solo set tonight at the end of Story Time Vol. 4 the Creative Loafing space in Ybor.  Hearing stories and music - what could be better on a (most likely rainy) Thursday night?

Best Band to Drink Whiskey To

…Y Los Dos Pistoles

Too bad many of the venues they play don’t serve liquor. Cough. Flask. Cough. The woozy and waltzy and uniquely named … Y Los Dos Pistoles is one of the most intriguing and insinuating purveyors of pop, folk and country, etc., a stunning standout in a scene overwrought with roots music. Led by sexy no-nonsense chanteuse Shae Krispinsky, the Tampa-based band serves up the perfect blend to chase down that mean drunk you get from a bottle of Jack.

Thanks Creative Loafing!  This is such an honor!  We love that we give off the late-night front-porch vibe - certainly a high compliment in our book.  (Also, can I add without coming off as too emo that while I definitely appreciate all the attention given to me, I could never do this without Derek and Russ.  They are sexy, too!)

We’re not sure, exactly, what this means.  Are we the biggest drunks?  Do you need to be drunk to listen to us?  Whatever it is, we’re the best…

We’re not sure, exactly, what this means.  Are we the biggest drunks?  Do you need to be drunk to listen to us?  Whatever it is, we’re the best…